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Frequent questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about how to work, grow and succeed with interactive video testimonials.

For new users

What is Life Inside?
Life Inside is an interactive video platform designed to bridge the gap between you and your audiences. It's an innovative tool that brings you closer to your website visitors through captivating interactive video testimonials. With Life Inside, you can easily collect authentic video testimonials from diverse sources, like employees and customers. The dynamic platform lets you seamlessly handle everything—from sending video requests to the approval and publication of these testimonials on your website, thanks to our interactive video widget. The outcome? Elevated engagement levels and impactful results that redefine how you connect with your audience.
Do I need any experience in video content creation?
No, you don’t need any previous video content experience. Life Inside is easy-to-use and will make you a video champ in minutes. Click into "How it works" to find out more.
What's the primary value of using Life Inside?
Modern customers and candidates are looking for authenticity and transparency from the brands and companies they connect with. That is where Life Inside provides great value. With a platform able to effectively collect, publish and turn video testimonials from both employees and customers interactive, you'll be able able to engage and convert your visitors in a whole new way. Driving values such as increased engagement, time on site, positive brand experience, conversion and more. 
What results can I expect?

Glad you asked. Every company and brand is of course unique but let's look into some of the results Life Inside users typically experience. 

  • +40-60 % increase in time on site
  • +75 % increased positive brand experience
  • +15-55 % increase in conversion rates from website visitors. 
  • +30 % increased SEO results (as visitors stay longer on your website) 
  • +209 % increase in engagement on Life Inside video campaigns in social media
  • +56 % increase in CTR (click-through-rate) on campaigns in social media
Can I share my collected videos in social media?
Of course, all videos are easily downloaded and shared across social media, as long as the recipient of the video request has accepted the built-in consent.
Is the video widget customized to align with my brand and website?
Yes, you can always customize your video widget to go great with your brand and elevate your website. 
What do most companies use Life Inside for?
Users primarily use Life Inside to get closer to their audiences and drive results from a sales and marketing and employer branding and recruitment perspective. Check out each respective user case right here that will explain more: Sales & Marketing and Employer Branding & Recruitment.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, of course. 

For current users

How do I activate Life Inside on my website?
Just go to Settings in your Life Inside account, copy your unique script and install it on your website (preferably site-wide). Voilá, you’re now ready to share your interactive videos testimonials to any part of your website. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our customer success team in the chat inside your account, or contact us here.
How quick can I be up and running with Life Inside?
Life Inside has been designed and developed to be super easy to use. As soon as you've set up your account, you'll be up and running in three minutes (unless you want to skip the onboarding tour of course, then it's more like one minute). The customer success team is also happy to book an onboarding session together, which typically only takes 30 minutes. 
Does Life Inside integrate with our CMS/ATS?
In almost all cases - yes. If you're using one of the leading CMS and/or ATS systems, the integration is easy. Just reach out if you have any questions.
Is Life Inside GDPR compliant?
Yes, you can rest assured your videos reside in a fully secure, GDPR-compliant environment prioritizing utmost privacyFind out more in our GDPR FAQ.
Do you store the videos in the EU?
Yes, as a GDPR compliant platform Life Inside stores all information within the EU in accordance with GDPR.
How do we get our people to contribute with video testimonials?
There are multiple ways to do this, as all companies have different levels of maturity when it comes to user-generated content. To start with, there's a clear and engaging how-to-guide connected to every video request bring sent out from your platform, similar to this blog post

Typically, by just having your first couple of videos (3-5 videos) collected and published on your website, it gets the ball rolling for everyone else. Our customer success team is happy to support you with this, based on your company's prerequisites and ambitions. Just reach out via the chat inside your account.
Is there onboarding training provided to users?
Yes. You have an automated onboarding training as soon as you enter your account. On top of that, the customer success team is always happy to provide additional training to you and your team. Just reach out via the chat in your account. 
How do I publish videos to my website?
Distribution of your videos is easily handled in the "Stories" section of your platform. Just click there and you'll be presented with the option of either publishing an interactive storyline or a video funnel to your website. Pick the videos from your library you want to present to your website visitors, add interactive features if you'd like and then just paste the website URL you want your videos to be publish on. When you're happy, just click "Activate" and your videos will instantly show up instantly on the URL/landing page of your choice, driving results and increasing engagement 24/7.
Can I send multiple questions to multiple recipients at once?
Of course. As you prepare to send out your video request, just add the questions and/or topics you want recipients to be able to choose from. Then add all the recipients you want the request to be delivered to. Click "Send" and all recipients will now receive your request via SMS and e-mail, with the option of deciding which question and/or topic they want their video testimonial to be about.  
How can I automate video collection?
You can fully automate the video collection process. Just upload a list of recipients that you want your automated video requests to be sent out to, together with personalized or suggested questions/topics. Activate the automation and your chosen recipients will now receive video requests on a monthly basis (or whatever interval you prefer), automating content creation for you. Sit back, relax and just watch as you're notified about new video testimonials coming in for review. 

Here's what our
clients say

pernilla chis working on her laptop at the office at exsitec
"It’s a great tool to engage new prospects and potential customer on your website."
– Pernilla Chis, Sales Manager, Exsitec
Sofia Alatalo who works for Knowit
"Candidates applying for our jobs have really appreciated the possibility of hearing directly from people within the company."
– Sofia Alatalo, Nordic Marketing and Communications Manager, Knowit
Emma Berg Edgren who works for Wisory
"With Life Inside we can really amp up the personal touch across our website and product pages."
– Emma Berg Edgren, Head of Advisor Success, Wisory

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