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Success stories from our users

Find out how leading brands are using interactive video testimonials to get closer to their audiences and drive results.

Empowering leading enterprises and scaleups

Wisory shows how a life inside video looks on their website
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Sales & marketing

Wisory reimagines the first impression with interactive video testimonials

“Wisory and Life Inside both understand that business isn't B2B. It's all about P2P - People to People.”

Hotjar test with Life Inside
Employer branding & recruitment

Stena Recycling puts Life Inside to the ultimate website test with heat mapping

“The engagement results have been so clear that our marketing team is now looking into how more videos could be collected and distributed across our website.”

 two persons who works for Exsitec
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Sales & marketing

How Exsitec Elevates Their Customer Experience With Interactive Video

“It’s a great tool to engage new prospects and potential customer on our website.”

two persons that works for Columbus
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Employer branding & recruitment

Columbus hit it out of the park with interactive video testimonials

“You know those moments when you stumble upon something so good, you just want to keep it to yourself? Well, that’s how we felt when we discovered Life Inside.”
two people who works for SATS-Malmö
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Employer branding & recruitment

How SATS level up their candidate experience with employee video 

“Our career site has never looked sexier than it does today.”

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