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Our story

It all sparked from a simple question: How can we bring that personalised experience, that human connection, into the digital customer and candidate journey? We realised it was about making the online experience as personal and engaging as face-to-face meetings – but scaleable.

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Born and launched

Launched in Sweden in 2022, Life Inside is a passionate team and SaaS company. We're proud to be the go-to interactive video service for enterprises and scale-ups alike. Our story started within employer branding, striving to simplify how organisations connect and share life inside their companies with the world in a scaleable and cost-effective way. 

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Humanising online experiences

Now we're all about humanising online experiences for our users, elevating engagement and connections between companies and their audiences through the magic of interactive video. Join us as we reshape what it means for businesses to connect with their audiences – one interactive video at a time. 

Highlights so far

We're just at the start of our journey but we've already experienced some amazing highlights.


The first version of Life Inside (MVP) is developed in close collaboration with 15 companies. In September 2021, the first Life Inside videos go live on Axfood's and Blocket's websites. They quickly increase engagement and time on site from visitors, verifying the power of our interactive video technology. 


Product development and UX is ramped up based on user feedback and the team starts to grow as more companies sign up to use Life Inside. In the autumn of 2022, Breakit announces that Life has been nominated as "SaaS-Newcomer of the Year" finalist at Breakit SaaS Summit, the Nordics' biggest SaaS event.


More companies, with many bigger brands, join in to get closer to their audiences with our technology. Life Inside, having fully funded itself up until this point, prepares itself for its first investment round to handle growth and product development. Breakit announces Life Inside as "SaaS-Newcomer of the Year" finalist for the second year in a row.

Present day

Things are happening every day and we're looking forward to add additional highlights to this list.

Why you should partner with Life Inside

Life Inside stands at the forefront of B2B and B2C (Business to Consumer and Business to Candidate) communication and engagement online. Through interactive video solutions, we open the door to a future where marketing and relationship-building take a big leap forward for businesses of all sizes. With us, you don't just get a interactive video platform; you get the key to scaleable, engaging, authentic, and deeper online interactions with your audiences in seconds. For investors, this isn't just an opportunity to join an exciting journey —it's an entrance to an industry with growth potential throughout multiple verticals.

Whether you're a potential customer, partrner or an investor, Life Inside invites you to shape the future of online interaction together with us. Just reach out or try the product for free to experience the results yourself. 

Work with us?

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"We do believe Life Inside will continue to grow via great partnerships. If you're interested, just reach out."
– Charles Sinclair, Co-founder & Partnership Manager

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