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Wisory reimagines the first impression with interactive video testimonials

Svante Randlert Wisory

About Wisory

Wisory, the leading platform providing personalized business and leadership advice online through video, is transforming the coaching and mentoring landscape. Their mission? Ensuring accessible access to tailored expert guidance whenever, and wherever, it's needed. To fulfill this vision, they recognized the necessity of an innovative approach for prospects and website visitors to engage with their pool of expert advisors.

More positive brand experience
More engagement and interest from prospects and website visitors
Return on investment (ROI)
Allowing Wisory to drive increased results at lower cost
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Because it's all about that first impressions

Recognizing the value of establishing deeper connections with website visitors and prospects, Wisory partnered with Life Inside to enhance their advisor pages. Before the integration, Wisory presented advisors using traditional images and text. With Life Inside, advisors can now time and cost effectively greet visitors and potential clients through personal interactive video testimonials on their individual presentation pages. These videos delve deeper into their expertise, articulating the potential value they can offer to prospects.
Wisory using Life Inside
At Wisory, you get to meet your instructors with more than just text and imagery 
Emma Berg Edgren Wisory
"With Life Inside we can really amp up the personal touch across our website and pages."
– Emma Berg Edgren, Head of Advisor Success, Wisory
"Wisory and Life Inside both understand that business isn't B2B. It's all about P2P - People to People."
– Svante Randlert, Founder & CEO
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The impact

As Wisory and their advisors started using interactive video testimonials, the marketing team started to see a surge in visitor engagement across Wisory's website. The interactive video testimonials allowed website visitors to establish a personal connection with advisors, thereby increasing engagement metrics, prolonging time spent on the site, and subsequently driving higher conversion rates. This incorporation of personalized video introductions not only fostered increased connection between website visitors and available advisors but also elevated the overall brand experience.
The result? Elevated engagement metrics, prolonged browsing sessions, and improved conversion rates, all contributing to a more enriched, personal and informed visitor journey on Wisory's platform.

The results

Let's check some of the results Wisory has experienced

Increased conversion rate
More leads and signups
Increased time on site
Visitors and prospects stay and engage for a longer amount of time than before

Do you also believe in P2P?

Add authentic, interactive video testimonials anywhere on your website in seconds.