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Employer branding & recruitment

How SATS level up their candidate experience with employee video 


About SATS

SATS Group, the Nordic region's premier fitness chain, embarked on a mission to revolutionize its recruitment and employer branding strategy, aiming to amplify engagement, attract diverse talent, and bolster conversion rates. Seeking a dynamic solution to showcase their organizational culture and diversity, SATS Group partnered with Life Inside to leverage employee-generated video testimonials across their career sites and job ads.

Increased engagement
Visitors stay longer on the website and engage more
Reduced cost for video content creation
Allowing SATS to spend their budget elsewhere
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Realizing it's the inside that counts

SATS Group recognized the critical importance of conveying its vibrant workplace culture and diverse employee community to attract top-tier talent. Traditional recruitment methods often struggled to capture the essence of their inclusive environment and the unique stories of their employees.
Employing Life Inside's interactive video testimonial platform, SATS Group effectively collected and unleashed a wave of engaging, employee-generated video content throughout their career sites and job ads. Harnessing the power of personal stories, these testimonials showcased the rich tapestry of diversity and opportunities within SATS, offering an authentic glimpse into the experiences and backgrounds of their employees.
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Now you can meet SATS' employees right on their career site
Johan Westberg SATS
"Our career site has never looked sexier than it does today."
– Johan Westberg, Nordic Culture and People Manager, SATS
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The impact

With interactive employee video testimonials across their career site and candidate touchpoints, SATS witnessed a remarkable shift in time on site, candidate interest, and engagement. The portrayal of their diverse workforce via authentic employee-generated content significantly impacted their recruitment strategy, attracting a broader spectrum of talented individuals eager to join their inclusive community.
In the wake of this success, SATS is poised to expand its collaboration with Life Inside, exploring further innovations in interactive video content to continually enhance recruitment efforts and reinforce their position as a leading advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and employee engagement within the fitness industry.

The results

Let's check some of the results SATS has experienced

More positive brand experience
Increased website experience reported from visitors
Increased Click-Through-Rate
More engagement and quality applications to open positions

Do it like SATS

Add authentic, interactive video testimonials anywhere on your website or career site.