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Employer Branding & Recruitment

Columbus Hit It Out of the Park with Interactive Video Testimonials

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About Columbus

Columbus, the leading IT consultancy company boasting a global workforce of over 1,600 professionals, specializes in delivering cutting-edge digital business solutions. Their core mission revolves around enabling ambitious enterprises to navigate transformational journeys and secure future success in the digital landscape. And, as it turns out, they're also great at authentic video storytelling. 

Increased Click-Through-Rate
More engagement and quality applications to open positions
Reduced cost for video content creation
Allowing Columbus to spend their budget elsewhere
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Harnessing the power of video storytelling

Seeking to take the candidate journey to the next level and provide a comprehensive understanding of their company culture and diverse roles and opportunities, Columbus embarked on a quest to leverage the power of authentic storytelling together with Life Inside. 
Through the platform, Columbus commenced collecting and showcasing employee video testimonials across their global career sites and job ads. Recognizing the immense value of their employees as brand ambassadors, Columbus prioritized authentic storytelling to connect with potential candidates on a personal level throughout the different stages of the candidate journey. 

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Global Employer Branding and TA Partner Jonna Lindberg, together with Columbus' employees, now welcome all candidates across their career sites, capturing leads and messages simultaneously. Just like hosting numerous personalized welcome sessions daily, but now in an automated and scalable way.

"You know those moments when you stumble upon something so good, you just want to keep it to yourself? Well, that’s how we felt when we discovered Life Inside. "
– Alexander Tonelli , Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding, Columbus
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The impact

By leveraging interactive video testimonials from managers and employees, Columbus started to  provide invaluable insights into its culture, values, and diverse roles, setting a solid groundwork for potential candidates right from the start. The activation of interactive video content led to a notable surge in candidate engagement metrics. Prospective applicants quickly began engaging themselves in these videos, spending extended periods exploring the narratives shared by employees. This heightened interaction resulted in significantly boosted time on site and conversion rates, signifying a heightened interest and better understanding among potential candidates.
By emphasizing authentic storytelling, Columbus revamped the candidate journey, offering a nuanced understanding of their dynamic culture and multifaceted roles. This strategic shift not only elevated candidate engagement but also reinforced Columbus' ability to attract top-tier talent in alignment with their organizational values and ethos.

The results

Let's check some of the results Columbus has experienced!

More positive brand experience
Increased career site experience reported from visitors
Increased time on site
Candidates stay and engage for a longer amount of time than before

Want to do it like Columbus?

Authentic, interactive video testimonials anywhere on your website in seconds.