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Imagine stumbling upon a website with a captivating video playing, real employees or customers enthusiastically sharing their positive experiences. The impact is immediate. Video testimonials inject authenticity, emotion, and credibility into your brand's narrative. Seeing genuine people talking about how your company, product or service positively impacted their lives creates an emotional connection that text and image alone struggle to achieve.

Embedded videos

Traditionally, websites have relied on embedded videos to showcase employee or customer testimonials and reviews. However, this approach comes with its share of challenges. Embedded videos often disrupt the user experience by slowing down page load times, causing compatibility issues, and distracting visitors from the main content. Furthermore, they might not display consistently across different devices and browsers. And if you've embedded videos from services such as Youtube, it's possible that your competitors, targeting the same audiences as you, will show up with their ads during, or after, your video is playing. Meaning that you risk showcasing your competitors brand and communication on your own website. Embedded video on website

Embedded video Youtube

Embedded videos on two different websites showing content suggestions not related to the company itself

Benefits of using a video widget 

This is where a dedicated video widget comes in. A video widget is a purpose-built tool that elegantly showcases video testimonials without the technical drawbacks of embedded videos, or the risk of competitors showing up on your website. It seamlessly integrates with your website's design and layout, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for your visitors.

Wisory using Life Inside-1At Wisory, a personal and innovative first impression is ensured for all website visitors with the support of their video widget - only showing the company's video content

It's in the numbers

Video widget testimonials make your audience more interested in your company and offerings
Source: Life Inside
+89 %
Increased time on site with video testimonials activated in widget
Source: Life Inside


Driving engagement through human connection

Video testimonials humanize your brand. They let your audiences see and hear real people who have benefited from what your company has to offer. This human connection builds trust and reduces skepticism. People are more likely to engage with content that resonates emotionally, and video testimonials offer just that.

Engagement is crucial, but conversions are the ultimate goal. Video testimonials play a pivotal role here as well. When prospects witness others achieving success with your product or service, they can envision their own positive outcomes. This visualization significantly boosts conversion rates, turning hesitant visitors into confident buyers or leads.

Focus on the user experience

User experience is paramount in today's digital era. A video widget enhances this experience by providing seamless video playback, interactive controls, and an overall polished presentation. Visitors won't be frustrated by buffering issues or clunky interfaces, resulting in longer on-site durations.

Additionally, video widgets offer flexibility in design and layout. You can customize a widget's appearance to match your brand's aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience. This customization extends to the video player's branding, position, and even the calls-to-action accompanying the testimonials (read more about his in our blog post "What is interactive video and why is it so awesome?")


Case studies 

More and more companies realize the opportunities that come with video testimonials published through a video widget across their websites. A great example of this is Wisory, the leading platform providing personalized business and leadership advice online. They recognized the necessity of an innovative approach for prospects and website visitors to engage with their pool of expert advisors, and decided to do so with the power of interactive video testimonials shared across their website with their video widget. Check out their results right here: Wisory reimagines the first impression with interactive video testimonials.

Another great example is fast-growing IT company Exsitec, that now makes sure all their website visitors and prospects are greeted with interactive employee video testimonials across their product pages, supported by video widget. Check out their experiences here: How Exsitec elevates their customer experience with interactive video

Let's sum it up! 

In the relentless pursuit of engagement and conversion, video testimonials stand as an invaluable tool. A dedicated video widget addresses the shortcomings of embedded videos and offers a holistic solution that drives emotional connection, enhances user experience, and boosts conversions. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, your website can become a dynamic and persuasive platform that resonates deeply with your visitors.

Written by

Charlie Sinclair smiling

Written by

Charles Sinclair

Charles Sinclair

Charlie is one of our founders and Partnership Manager at Life Inside. With more than ten years of experience from the employer branding industry he supports our users and partners in driving the best possible results with interactive video technology.

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