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Video testimonials have the power to connect people on a deep, emotional level. By sharing your personal experiences with a company, or endorsing a product or service, you can make a lasting impact that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. And you know what? With your mobile phone as your trusted companion, you have everything you need to capture your authentic and engaging video testimonial in seconds. Let's explore the five simple steps. 

Step 1: Find a quiet and comfortable space

Finding an environment that allows you to express yourself is essential. Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable. It could be your favorite room, a peaceful garden, or even a cozy corner where you can focus on sharing your story and insights.

Step 2: Define your message and let your personality do the rest

Take a moment to reflect on your experiences with the company, product or service you want to create your video testimonial around. What impact has it had on you? How has it made a difference? Define your message and let your personality shine through. Video testimonials are all about being authentic and genuine. 

Step 3: Position your phone

Grab your mobile phone and position it in a stable location, or just hold it vertically in front of your face. Experiment with angles and perspectives you like to find the most suitable frame. Remember, your expressions and body language play a significant role when conveying your message.

How to Record A Video Testimonial in 5 Steps

Record your video testimonial in vertical format in a quiet space for best viewing experience

Step 4: Check your lighting and sound

Good lighting and clear sound are important when creating a captivating video testimonial. Find a well-lit area or make use of natural light by facing a window, for example. Ensure that your face is well-illuminated and that there are no harsh shadows. Test the audio quality by speaking at a moderate volume and listening for any background noise. Our very experienced video experts recommend you not to stand right next to a highway or hang outside an airplane, for example. 

Step 5: Just be yourself and speak from the heart

Time to shine! Take a breath, relax, and...just be yourself. Start recording and speak directly into the camera, just as if you were having a conversation with a friend. Let your emotions guide your video testimonial. Remember, your story and perspectives are unique, and they have the power to touch and inspire others.

Let's sum it up! 

Recording an engaging video testimonial with your smartphone is a journey that allows you to connect with others in a great way. By finding a quiet and comfortable space, defining your message, setting up the frame, focusing on lighting and sound quality, and speaking from the heart, you can create a video that resonates deeply with your audience. Remember, your voice and perspectives holds immeasurable value, so pick up your mobile phone and start sharing your story today. Your testimonial has the power to make a difference in someone's life.

Good luck recording! 

Written by

Julia Sjövall smiling

Written by

Julia Sjövall

Julia Sjövall

Julia is our Marketing Manager. As a creative wizz, she's responsible for the look, feel and communication of our brand. Always with the ambition to make sure it's as fun and engaging as our platform.

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