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In the Star Wars universe, authenticity is a theme that runs deep. Characters, despite their extraterrestrial origins, resonate with audiences because of their authentic portrayal of emotions, struggles, and triumphs. One of the most iconic moments of authenticity in the series occurs in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." Princess Leia, captured by the evil Empire, sends out a video hologram message to get help. This moment is powerful for many reasons, not the least of which is the genuine urgency and emotion conveyed by Leia.

The Power of authenticity

In today's world, authenticity remains a critical element in communication. The power of video testimonials, and video storytelling cannot be overstated. Companies can now harness the same authenticity that George Lucas portrayed back in 1978.

By collecting authentic video testimonials from both employees and customers, and publishing them across websites, companies are now gaining the ability to communicate their messages in a way that resonates much deeper with their audiences. Just as Princess Leia's plea was heartfelt and genuine, businesses leveraging video testimonials can convey their messages with a similar level of authenticity across their online platforms and channels.

Princess Leia Star WarsPrincess Leia chose video messaging to create the response she was looking for. What a wise choice, we say!

Case Study: Columbus

To put this concept into perspective, let's look at a real-world example. Columbus, the leading IT consultancy company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge digital business solutions, started to collect video testimonials from their employees using Life Inside's platform. By allowing employees to share their experiences and insights from the business, Columbus created a growing library of authentic video content that was published across their career sites and job ads. They used these testimonials to communicate their company culture, values, and commitment to innovation for their clients. This not only resonated with their existing staff but also helped, and continues to help them, attract top talent to join their team. With great results as an effect. Check out their success story, "How Columbus Hit It Out of the Park with Interactive Video Testimonials", to learn more. 

Let's sum it up! 

George Lucas understood the timeless power of authentic storytelling, even back in 1978. Princess Leia's video message remains etched in our cultural memory because it was real, urgent, and sincere. In the modern era, engaging and authentic video testimonials enables companies to harness the same authenticity to communicate their messages effectively. By collecting genuine video testimonials, companies can resonate with their audiences and create even more meaningful connections.

In the end, whether you're a rebel alliance fighting the Empire or a company looking to engage your audience, the lesson remains the same: authenticity is the key to powerful communication.

Written by

Julia Sjövall smiling

Written by

Julia Sjövall

Julia Sjövall

Julia is our Marketing Manager. As a creative wizz, she's responsible for the look, feel and communication of our brand. Always with the ambition to make sure it's as fun and engaging as our platform.

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