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How Exsitec elevates their customer experience with interactive video


About Exsitec

Exsitec, the Nordic region's fastest-growing IT company, is dedicated to providing impactful digital solutions. Founded with a strong focus on simplifying and enhancing the daily operations of medium-sized enterprises through seamlessly integrated system support, Exsitec now takes its customer experience to greater heights by integrating interactive video testimonials across their website.

More positive brand experience
More engagement and interest from prospects and website visitors
Return on investment (ROI)
Allowing Exsitec to drive increased results at lower cost
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Humanizing the brand and showcasing expertise

In today's competitive market, brand differentiation is paramount. Exsitec recognized the need to go beyond traditional methods of presenting their solutions, seeking an innovative approach to captivate their website visitors. To achieve this, they envisioned an online brand experience that resonated with prospects on a more personal level. 
But their objective extended beyond mere engagement; they aimed to extend online session durations, enhance visitor engagement, and drive lead generation. Ultimately, their goal was clear – to translate this engagement into measurable outcomes, boosting customer engagement and conversion rates. Therefore, Exsitec started to activate interactive employee video testimonials across their website, together with Life Inside. 
Test (5)Exsitec increasing website engagement and conversion with interactive video
pernilla chis exsitec
"It’s a great tool to engage new prospects and potential customer on our website. And it’s fast and easy for people in the organization to record videos and upload them in the platform."
– Pernilla Chis, Sales Manager at Exsitec
Carl Öberg_Exsitec
"With Life Inside, we've found a simple way to show more of the great personalities behind Exsitec and communicate with our customers."
– Carl Öberg, Head of Reach & Performance at Exsitec
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The impact

By activating interactive video testimonials, Exsitec transformed its website's product pages into engaging experiences. Visitors were introduced to various employees through video testimonials, offering insights into products and services while creating a more personal connection with the brand. This allowed Exsitec to successfully increase visitor interaction on their website.
The personal touch added to the product pages extended visitors' time on the site, fostering a deeper understanding of Exsitec's offerings. Prospects reported feeling more connected and informed, attributing a face and story to the company's products and services. This approach helped, and continues to help, Exsitec stand out from its competitors by offering a more engaging and personalized browsing experience.
Ultimately, Exsitec successfully differentiated itself in the market by offering a more engaging, personal, and informative browsing journey, leading to increased leads and a standout position among competitors.

The results

Let's check some of the results Exsitec has experienced

Increased conversion rate
More leads and signups
Increased time on site
Visitors and prospects stay and engage for a longer amount of time than before

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