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Employer branding & recruitment

Stena Recycling puts Life Inside to the ultimate website test with heat mapping

Stena Recycling Hotjar test of Life Inside

About Stena Recycling

At Stena Recycling, waste management isn't just about the end of a product's life; it's the dawn of something new. This Swedish-based company pioneers sustainable waste management and recycling, annually repurposing six million tons of waste and end-of-life products from more than 100,000 customers across different industries. Yet, they don't stop at waste innovation; Stena Recycling is equally at the forefront of marketing and employer branding. As they started using Life Inside to distribute interactive videos across their website they put the service to the ultimate website engagement test. Find out what happened.


Focus on tactics that drive engagement

Meet Karin Andersén, Head of People Experience at Stena Recycling, the driving force behind the company's initiatives in employer branding and talent acquisition. Karin and her team continuously explore new channels and opportunities, identifying new tactics to propel Stena Recycling's brand into novel marketing channels. This commitment to marketing innovation was for example highlighted at Adway's Shaping the Future of Recruitment Summit in December 2023.
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Karin Andersén from Stena Recycling took the stage to share her insights and focus on using tactics and channels that drive results. "Authenticity and knowing your target groups remains paramount," she says.
Karin Andersén Stena Recycling
"The engagement results have been so clear that our marketing team is now looking into how more videos could be collected and distributed across our website."
– Karin Andersén, Head of People Experience, Stena Recycling

Up to the test with Hotjar

In the summer of 2023, Stena Recycling activated Life Inside across its website, aiming to create more authentic connections with its audiences through interactive video testimonials. Visitors could now engage with real-life Stena Recycling team members, gaining insights into life inside the organization, all directly on the website.
As a data-driven organization, curious to measure the impact of their interactive videos, Stena Recycling's marketing team decided to conduct a comprehensive test of Life Inside using Hotjar, the premier product insights tool. By analyzing heatmaps, session recordings, and more, the goal was to understand how website visitors interacted with their site. The results were compelling. On the sites with interactive Life Inside videos in action, not only was it clear how website visitors actively engaged with the videos and the video widget, but there was also a noticeable uptick in time spent on the website compared to other sites, enhancing SEO. This authentic and direct interaction facilitated by Stena Recycling's videos clearly became a catalyst for keeping visitors intrigued and engaged. The results observed ignited a spark within the marketing team, prompting an exploration of more opportunities to expand the distribution of videos across larger parts of Stena Recycling's website and various online surfaces.
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Stena Recycling's Hotjar test showing how their Life Inside-generated videos lead to a noticeable increase in engagement and time spent on Stena Recycling’s website

It's in the numbers

+89 %
Increased engagement
People stay longer on your website and engage more
+75 %
More positive brand experience
Video testimonials make your audience more interested in your company and offerings

Let's sum it up!

Stena Recycling's results with interactive video testimonials go beyond metrics; it's about humanizing their brand. Through video greetings and testimonials, visitors interact with real team members sharing perspectives and insights, fostering a more personal and authentic connection. This not only elevates the user experience but aligns with the company's commitment to transparency and sustainability. Stena Recycling's experiences exemplifies the possibilities that come with interactive video testimonials, showcasing how meaningful digital connections elevate both brand and website metrics. The lesson? Embrace innovation, understand your audience, and let genuine interaction lead the way.

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