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Find out your return on investment (ROI) with Life Inside. Fill in your custom numbers below to see the expected return on investment from using our interactive video platform. ROI calculations are based on average reported results from all current Life Inside users. 

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Used by leading sales and marketing teams

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clients say

pernilla chis who works for exsitec
"It’s a great tool to engage new prospects and potential customer on your website."
– Pernilla Chis, Sales Manager, Exsitec
Emma Berg Edgren who works for Wisory
"With Life Inside we can really amp up the personal touch across our website and product pages."
– Emma Berg Edgren, Head of Advisor Success, Wisory
Daniel Larsson who works for Resultat
"Life Inside transforms the way we connect. It's not just a tool; it's our digital handshake, introducing the heart and soul of our business to the world."
– Daniel Larsson, Marketing Manager, Resultat

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Authentic, interactive video testimonials that drive results anywhere on your website.