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GoWest is one of the Nordic's premier venture capital forums for startups, scale-ups, and investors in pre-seed to series A stages. Capturing West Sweden's industrial legacy and emerging status as a leading deep-tech hub, GoWest brings together companies reshaping different industries, global investors, and the Nordic innovation ecosystem in a multi-day matchmaking conference. That’s why we were super happy when GoWest approached Life Inside to be a partner to the event, as they sought to leverage our platform to drive increased engagement across their website with interactive video. Moreover, we were invited to attend the event and present our platform, a proposition we happily accepted. 

On location at the event 

At our booth during the event, attendees could try out the Life Inside platform, where discussions quickly flowed around the potential applications of interactive video to drive engagement and conversion across various user cases. The diversity of opportunities was inspiring—be it a travel company exploring video reviews from guests or a circular wear company contemplating vendor introductions via video on their marketplace profile pages. The creativity and enthusiasm at the event underscored the endless possibilities that interactive video brings. We love it. 


Learnings from GoWest 

After two days, we could sum up some key takeaways that we take with us as we continue to develop the platform to be the very best for our users. 

  1. The resounding interest in interactive video

    The level of interest in interactive video and interactive video testimonials was truly empowering to our team. Conversations sparked around the many unique ways in which businesses could integrate interactive video into their strategies, creating a deeper connection with their audiences - and improving ROI. 


Simplicity is key

Amidst a myriad of decisions faced by brands and companies today, Life Inside finds solace in being an accessible and easy-to-use choice. Integrating a video widget on your website might seem minor (it takes less than a minute), but its profound impact on brand perception and conversion rates is monumental.  


  1. User feedback: Always our guiding light

    As always, engaging with our users in real life at GoWest was a treasure trove of great insights. Your valuable feedback continues to guide the whole development of Life Inside, ensuring it remains a solution tailored to your specific needs and ambitions. To everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences, you're the best! 


Thank You, GoWest 

Finally, to the GoWest team and everyone we had the pleasure of connecting with, thank you for the incredible days filled with insights, dialogue, and collaboration. We’re already excited for next year! 

Written by

Charlie Sinclair standing at the office with a bright smile

Written by

Charles Sinclair

Charles Sinclair

Charlie is one of our founders and Partnership Manager at Life Inside. With more than ten years of experience from the employer branding industry he supports our users and partners in driving the best possible results with interactive video technology.