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The short and sweet summary 

If you're in a rush, here's a summary of this blog post:

- We're now launching the new feature Video Collector, automating your video collection experience. Check the 3-minute video below to see how it works. 

- Video Collector can be used in multiple user cases connected to sales and marketing, employer branding and recruitment. A selection of user cases are presented below.  

- Video Collector is included in all Pro and Enterprise packages. If you're on the Starter package, book a call with customer success about adding it to your account. 

- Explore the 3-min demo with Niklas below for a first-hand look at how this feature can work for you. 

3-min demo of Video Collector

Automate your video collection with Video Collector

Introducing the all-new Video Collector, designed to revolutionize your video collection experience. Thanks to valuable user feedback, we have streamlined the process of collecting videos from your audiences with just a few simple clicks. Create a video campaign within the platform and instantly generate a unique QR campaign code. Share this code in both physical and digital settings with your employees, customers, or partners, enabling them to effortlessly click, record, and share their videos.

User cases for your Video Collector

With the ability for anyone to easily submit their videos using a QR code or link, our goal is to unlock a realm of storytelling opportunities that were previously undiscovered. Below are a couple of scenarios showcasing how Video Collector can be utilized to effectively gather video testimonials for sales and marketing, as well as employer branding and recruitment purposes.

Employer branding and recruitment

Company events

Imagine the energy and excitement at your company's annual kick-off, or any other event for that matter. This is the perfect opportunity to harness the collective enthusiasm of your team. With Video Collector, you can invite employees to take a moment to record a short video sharing what they enjoy most about working at your company. A simple scan of a campaign QR code, set up in seconds beforehand, takes them directly to the upload page, streamlining the process of collecting authentic employee testimonials. In minutes, you've gathered a rich library of genuine video endorsements, ready to be showcased across your career site and social media, illustrating the vibrant culture and team spirit that sets your company apart.

Video collector at company events and at the office

Set up a Video Collector QR code at company events or anywhere in the office to collect video testimonials from employees

In the everyday life of your company

Beyond special events, the true spirit of your company shines through in the everyday moments. By positioning a video collector QR code in your office, in the lunch room, or anywhere your team gathers, you're making it incredibly easy for employees to contribute with their video stories at any time.

Internal communication channels 

Similarly, adding the Video Collector's upload link to your intranet or other internal communication channels serves as a constant invitation for team members to express their perspectives, share achievements, and talk about their day-to-day challenges and triumphs.

Sales and marketing

Unboxing and showcasing your company's products (or services)

Imagine the excitement as a customer unveils or tests a new product they've been eagerly anticipating. This pivotal moment is when their enthusiasm is at its peak. By including a QR code for the Video Collector in your product packaging, customers can effortlessly scan and be guided to share a video review, showcasing their authentic experience. Offering a special discount or reward for their next purchase as a token of gratitude not only encourages the process but also nurtures a cycle of positive feedback and brand advocacy. Suddenly, each product sold presents an opportunity to gather genuine customer testimonials on a larger scale, enriching your marketing materials with genuine voices and real-life experiences from your most loyal brand advocates that resonate with potential buyers.

Video testimonial when unboxing product
Easily add a video collector QR code to your product delivery, automating the collection of customer video reviews in return for a reward or discount on future purchases

Customer testimonials after projects 

Upon successfully wrapping up collaborative projects with your clients, you extend an invitation for them to share their feedback through a video collector QR code in your feedback surveys. As video reviews start coming in, you now have the opportunity to showcase these testimonials both internally and externally, providing a deeper insight into why your customers continue to choose your services.

Collect community feedback

Video Collector also introduces exciting new avenues for engaging with your broader community. By distributing the upload link (or QR code) through your social media platforms, you can encourage your company’s followers to share their experiences, suggestions, and expectations regarding your products or services. This not only expands your outreach but also fosters a culture of participation where your audience feels valued and listened to.

Why not delve deeper and harness the collective wisdom of your community for upcoming product launches or releases? By sharing a QR code or upload link directly with your community and prompting them to provide feedback on potential products, you can gain invaluable insights for product development. This innovative approach to crowdsourcing acts as a dynamic focus group, offering a range of perspectives that can shape the trajectory of your product innovation.

Available for you now

There are multiple exciting user cases to use Video Collector for. And we invite you to experience it firsthand. Do you have insights or creative ideas on how you would use the Video Collector in your unique user case? We'd love to hear them. Simply scan the QR code below with your mobile phone or click the link to instantly record and submit a video with your ideas.


Let’s sum it up

Don't hesitate to contact our team and experience the opportunities that come with Video Collector. By streamlining and enhancing your video testimonial collection process, you can achieve even more impactful results. We welcome any feedback as we continuously enhance our features based on valuable user input.

Written by

Niklas profilbild

Written by

Niklas Busck

Niklas Busck

Niklas is our Head of Sales and supports both enterprises and scaleups in getting closer to their audiences by growing and succeeding with interactive video technology.